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Professional testimonials

"'Is Jason Derck available?' is the first thing I’ll ask when given the opportunity to start staffing a show. He’s an extremely talented, collaborative, and passionate artist who incites camaraderie and positivity on any set. A born leader with no-quit attitude, Derck is always my first choice.”

- Brien Meagher, Executive Producer, The Pitch, Be The BossBroke A$$ Game Show


Jason Derck is always a must-call when I'm crewing up a show because I look for leaders in the camera dept. skilled with not only a strong eye for the best visuals but a keen ear for story as well. He cares about how he shoots and what he shoots; this is key for a show runner to trust camera ops who are excited about delivering impactful content and are also eager to communicate and collaborate without any attitude or drama. He consistently proves he has the stamina, endurance and creativity to run-and-gun, hunt for the best of what a scene can offer and tell a story thru the lens that he knew I needed without even asking.​

- Tess Gamboa-Meyers, Executive Producer, B.A.P.S., Real Housewives of New Jersey


"I love working with Jason. He understands story and follows it. He finds innovative and clever ways to elevate the look of everything he shoots."

- Domini Hofmann, Director/Executive Producer, Declassified, Consumed, The Pitch


"I knew Jason was not a typical camera operator because of the questions he asked me.  He wanted to know more than just where the talent was going to walk to and from. He wanted to know why we were shooting things the way we were, what we were going for, what the feel was, how the shot was being used. When someone cares enough to ask those questions, I know that their shots are going to be better than the other operators on set. When Jason is on my crew I give him the harder jobs and the more important assignments because I know he will deliver. There’s not much more you can ask for."

- Mark LaFleur, Director, White Collar Brawlers, Knife Fight


“It is refreshing to have an operator that is motivated, aggressive, and creative. He is always up to speed and intently focused on the stories we’re following. Jason is always listening, anticipating the next action/ conversation; he’s not going to miss the all-important catalyst that launches a great scene.”                                                  

- Brian Wigdzinski, Producer, The Bad Girls Club


“Jason ... has a great eye for photography and shooting in general. He was always prepared, ready to help, and came to work with a great attitude. He has a lot of technical knowledge ..., and brings new ideas that really enhanced our team. Catch him while you can.”

- Lauren Schneck, Camera Operator, The Real World


“I was always impressed with Jason's ability to light a scene with natural or dramatic effect in a timely manner. He was a pleasure to have on set.”  

- Melissa Thrasher, Field Producer, Real Estate Intervention


"Jason is a hard working, talented shooter with good instincts for story and style. His personality, work ethic and passion would be an asset to any production."

- Dana Klein, Producer, The Real World


"Jason is a hard worker and dedicated camera operator ... In my experience Jason prides himself on knowing all the details of the equipment he is using as well as the stories that are being followed."                                                       

- Jetzen O’Conner, Tech Supervisor, The Real World


“Jason did a great job on a dramatic shoot for me. Rented gear, lit the scenes great, moved fast to transition between set ups, and handled audio. Great all around talent.”

- Jeffrey Hall, Cheif Creative Officer, WILL Interactive